Leveraging Networks & PR Opportunities

What sets our client, St. John’s College, apart from its higher education and nonprofit contemporaries?  To start, the college is now top of mind for every new legislator in its home state this year.  

Leading up to the legislative session, we worked with Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones and her staff, in partnership with the Maryland Independent College and University Association, to arrange for St. John’s College to be the first stop on a three-day bus tour for newly elected state senators and representatives.  At the event, college President Nora Demleitner had an opportunity to deliver remarks, sharing information about the history and academic curriculum of St. John’s College.  

The result?  New relationships for our client, great exposure to those who set education policy, and organic media promotion for the institution.  

Check out a few of the conversations these legislators and organizations started on campus and across their social platforms.