What’s your brand story?

Ideas don’t often come out of thin air.  They start in a story.  Where were you when you had your “Aha!” moment? Who were you talking to and what problem were you trying to solve?  What did you feel when you realized you identified a solution that you could share with the world?

When you’re developing your brand, start with your origin story and let that drive the rest.  When you can make your target audience feel what you feel, you’ve made a genuine connection.

As you compose your brand story you can use this outline to help you get started:

1. Identify the challenge.

2. Describe the choice you made to address it.

3. Discuss the outcome.

4. Talk about why it matters.

At Foresight Messaging, we know that your personal story is the primary foundation for your future success. It’s what will draw your customers and clientele to your products and keep them coming back.

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